We are currently unable to provide the detoxification element on-site. Call us for more details. The rest of our treatment programmes are operating as normal.

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Phases 1 & 2: Grounding/Growth

Phase 1 enables residents to stabilise physically, mentally and emotionally. Phase 2 empowers residents to advance in recovery skills and grow in physical health.

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Phase 3: Application

Phase 3 equips residents to implement their newly acquired skills in a semi-independent living environment (The Lodge) which is still situated on the Yeldall estate.

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Phase 4:                            Re-Integration

Phase 4 provides residents with a safe and supported environment away from the Yeldall estate. It is a necessary step from Phase 3 and prepares the resident for full independent living.

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Once our residents have completed the four Phases of the Yeldall Programme, we assist them in finding safe accommodation, which will facilitate their on-going recovery, living independently in the community.

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Covid 19 update

Our priority remains the safety and well being of our residents, staff and visitors. For this reason, there are fewer opportunities to visit us. We are still keeping our doors open for admissions of men in need. You can reach us by phone (0118 940 4411) or email ( /

CHANGED LIVES – read some stories below:

Why Yeldall?

Established in 1977 by a Christian family and supporters, Yeldall Manor is a drug and alcohol treatment centre for men struggling with addiction. We welcome and value applications from men from all walks of life, background, ethnicity, culture and faith.

We aim to help our residents overcome serious drug and alcohol addictions and return to society to experience a safe, secure and fulfilling life in recovery.

Addiction affects all areas of life. Therefore, recovery is about addressing issues in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, as well as practical life problems and damaged relationships.

The length of our programme enables you to deal with this transition from chaos and pain to stability and recovery.