Yeldall offers an holistic detox that not only helps residents overcome their physical dependency, but also helps them to recover mentally and emotionally.

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Phases 1 & 2: Grounding/Growth

Phase 1 enables residents to stabilise physically, mentally and emotionally. Phase 2 empowers residents to advance in recovery skills and grow in physical health.

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Phase 3: Application

Phase 3 equips residents to implement their newly acquired skills in a semiindependent living environment (The Lodge) which is still situated on the Yeldall estate.

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Phase 4:                            Re-Integration

Phase 4 provides residents with a safe and supported environment away from the Yeldall estate. It is a necessary step from Phase 3 and prepares the resident for full independent living.

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Once our residents have completed the four Phases of the Yeldall Programme, we assist them in finding safe accommodation, which will facilitate their on-going recovery, living independently in the community.

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Changed Lives…

Yeldall Manor is all about recovery for life – men finding freedom from addiction so that they can go on to live life to the full. Over the years, hundreds of men have experienced this transformation at Yeldall Manor, finding healing, wholeness and hope for the future whilst completing our programmes. Today, these men are enjoying life drug- and alcohol-free – a life free from guilt and shame, a life full of good relationships, a life of productive and fulfilling work, a life they can feel proud of.

Why Yeldall?

Yeldall Manor is a residential rehabilitation centre, set in 38 acres of Berkshire countryside near Reading. For over 40 years, we have been helping men to overcome serious drug or alcohol addictions and return to society to live new lives, drug, alcohol and crime free. We believe that recovery is possible and that recovery is not just abstinence. It involves learning to live comfortably as a sober, productive member of the community. It involves learning how to work, develop personal relationships, strengthen family ties, and enjoy positive leisure activities – all without the need for drugs or alcohol. We are a Christian organisation and all our staff and volunteers have a Christian faith. We believe that the best means of achieving true freedom is through a relationship with Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. However, we will never impose our viewpoint upon anyone, recognising freedom of choice in faith, as in other areas.