Could you help provide a home for someone recovering from addiction?

We are very pleased to report good times at Yeldall in the current year – a vastly improved occupancy level (close to capacity), great retention levels, and spiritual growth in the lives of our residents. As a Christian community, it’s fantastic to see answers to prayer – God restoring lives, and bringing hope, joy and peace to men recovering from years of addiction. The increase and blessing in our work is hugely satisfying. However, we are now seeing an even greater need for safe move-on accommodation. Church members, your help is urgently needed!

No doubt there are a good number of Christians in the local area who own properties that they rent out. We are in desperate need of more homes (two to five bedrooms) that could be let to Yeldall Manor for the purpose of housing our residents once they complete our programme. (Residents who successfully complete our programme qualify for a deposit, to help them secure suitable accommodation.)

This option would only be appropriate in certain circumstances. What we ideally would like is for Christian singles (probably male) or couples, who are prepared to open up their homes to have a Yeldall ex-resident living with them. This is by no means a safe option, but any placement would be thoroughly supervised by our Aftercare Team. Again, our Deposit Scheme would enable any resident to pay weeks in advance for suitable lodgings.

Please contact Simon Cross at Yeldall Manor (0118 940 4411, if you feel that you can play some part in God’s plan to restore life to those who have suffered from the blight of addiction.

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