Did you miss the boat for ‘Dry January’?

If you would value the chance to go alcohol-free, but missed the opportunity in January, how about being “AbstiLent”?  By abstaining from alcohol for Lent, from 10th February until Easter Sunday (27thMarch), you can help men who face the need to give it up for life.

Whether you want to do it for your own health or just to prove you can, you would also be standing alongside our residents in act of solidarity with them.  As Linda (Yeldall friend and supporter said), “If I can’t manage to give up alcohol for a few weeks, how on earth can we expect the residents to give it up for life?”

We encourage participants to raise sponsorship from their friends, family and colleagues.  This not only raises awareness of Yeldall’s work but also helps to keep you accountable!  You can do this on-line through ‘JustGiving’ and/or with paper sponsor forms too.  Other people prefer to donate the equivalent of what they would have spent on alcohol.  If you don’t drink, you could consider being ‘AbstiLent’ from caffeine, chocolate or TV… whatever is right for you.

We have chosen Lent as it is the traditional period when Christians may abstain from something in order to simplify their lives or purify themselves to concentrate more on God and the approaching celebration of Easter.  The 40 days traditionally excludes Sundays, but many people choose to keep the momentum going and ‘fast’ on those days too.

To sign up to be ‘AbstiLent’ please use the contact form or call me on 0118 940 1093.