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Bill & Joanie YoderYeldall Manor was founded after a 'chance' encounter on a tube train led to an American couple, Bill and Joanie Yoder, inviting young addicts into their home and, miraculously, being able to purchase Yeldall Manor (a former convent and then temporary home to the 'Fisherfolk') in 1977.

Since then, the ministry has grown from a handful of residents and staff and the programme and teaching has evolved until the rehabilitation centre became one of the most renowned in the country.

David PartingtonAfter Bill Yoder's premature death from cancer in 1982, leadership was picked up by David Partington (known as ‘DP’), who remained with the organisation until 1999, when he left to develop ISAAC (the International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition), an umbrella organisation for Christian addiction ministries worldwide.

From the late 1980's, the work of Yeldall Homeless Projects was begun, providing supported accommodation, employment and training to homeless and disadvantaged people in West London.  The overall charity name became Yeldall Christian Centres, reflecting the new diversity of the work.

In 2001 we merged with Bridges International Limited and took over the former Coke Hole Trust rehabilitation centres of Ashley Copse and St. Vincent's in Andover, only to have to take the painful decisions to close both of them due to lack of funding and referrals.

Following the difficulties and challenges of those years, our priority was to ensure the successful continuation of our remaining ministries - Yeldall Manor and Yeldall Homeless Projects.  With prayer, and a firm sense of peace, we felt that it was the right time to develop as two separate organisations to enable each to better follow God’s leading, which we felt was likely to be different for each organisation.

Norwood HostelOn 1st April 2007, therefore, Trinity Homeless Projects became an independent charity to take on the work of the former Yeldall Homeless Projects.  As separate, but complementary projects, Trinity and Yeldall celebrate our differences, safe in the knowledge that we are fulfilling what we have been called to do.

Yeldall old photo