Rehabilitation Programmes at Yeldall Manor

Yeldall Manor provides residential rehabilitation for men with drug and/or alcohol addictions.

Please take a look at our programmes below:

  • Detox

    Yeldall Manor offers a medically managed community detoxification from opiates, alcohol & other substances. This service is run in partnership with our local pharmacy and managed by local doctors who have considerable experience in detoxification and are on-call 24/7…

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  • First-stage: Manor

    The first-stage programme provides residential rehabilitation for men aged between 18 and 65 who want to overcome serious drug or alcohol substance misuse issues. It lasts 12 – 18 weeks and, on completion, there is the opportunity for residents to continue onto the second-stage programme…

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  • Second-stage: Lodge

    The second-stage programme provides a safe environment where skills that have been newly acquired at Yeldall Manor can be consolidated and practiced prior to re-integration into the community…

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  • Aftercare

    On graduating from the Lodge Programme, ex-residents are encouraged to take full advantage of the aftercare which is available to them for as long as they need to. Ex-residents are offered the support of a Key Worker and the Counsellor who has been with them since the beginning…

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