First-stage: Manor

The First-Stage Yeldall Manor programme provides residential rehabilitation for men aged between 18 and 65 who want to overcome serious drug or alcohol substance misuse issues.

The First-Stage programme lasts 12 – 24 weeks and, on completion of it, there is the opportunity to continue on to the second-stage programme as preparation for living independent lives drugs, alcohol and crime-free.

The First-Stage has two main objectives:

Firstly – to help residents understand and begin to deal with the problems which lie behind their addiction.

Secondly – to help residents to develop the character qualities, relational skills, personal disciplines and work ethic upon which long-term abstinence can be built.

The programme is based at Yeldall Manor and the house and grounds both play a significant role in the programme, as does the experience of living in community with others who are also in recovery. Additionally, as a holistic rehabilitation programme, we seek to help residents to develop in their physical health, their ability to enjoy healthy recreation, and their spiritual well-being.

At a glance:
Acceptance, discipline and structure provide the environment in which real, deep and sustained change is possible, assisted by every aspect of the programme, which includes:

  • One-to-one counselling with a trained counsellor
  • Interactive groups enabling residents to contribute to their own and others’ recovery by becoming responsible and accountable to each other in sharing openly and honestly
  • Teaching groups focussed on self-discovery, life skills, attitudes, relationships and relapse prevention
  • Recreation including opportunities for swimming, cycling, shopping, weight and cardio training, pool, table tennis and football
  • Daily work sessions in the house and grounds
  • Additional training opportunities which may include help with literacy, numeracy, IT, Health and Safety, food hygiene and machine operating, including chainsaw training

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