Second-stage: Lodge

The Second-Stage Lodge programme provides a safe environment where the new attitudes and skills that have been acquired on the First-Stage Manor programme can be consolidated and practiced prior to re-integration into the community.

During the 18-24 weeks that residents are on the second-stage Lodge programme, they live in one of two self-contained flats in The Lodge; a modern building on the Yeldall Manor estate.

The Second-Stage programme aims to give residents the life skills, experience and confidence to move back into society without the need for drugs or alcohol. It is a place where, living more independently outside the structure and high-level accountability of Yeldall Manor, residents can continue to develop their character qualities, relational skills, personal disciplines and work ethic. It is also a safe base from which residents can begin to form new relationships in the community.

All of this is achieved through a work training placement with one of the many businesses with whom we have placements, therapeutic groups, relapse prevention work, involvement in local churches and/or AA and NA, fortnightly one-to-one counselling, and weekly key working.

At a glance:

  • Supported housing
  • Community work training placement
  • Interactive groups focused on relapse prevention, peer accountability, communication, relationships, and problem-solving
  • One-to-one counselling with a trained Counsellor
  • Key working
  • Training and support with CV writing, job-search skills, and interview skills

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