Yeldall Manor’s third-stage programme provides a context in which ex-residents can grow in their recovery whilst continuing to benefit from the support of the Yeldall Manor community as they work and train with our Grounds Maintenance Service. This successful small gardening business provides tree surgery, landscaping and garden maintenance services to local schools, community buildings, and private customers.  To enquire about their services, please use our contact form.

The third-stage is a full-time programme and lasts for 6-12 months. Applications are accepted from men who have successfully completed the Yeldall Manor second-stage programme.

Those who participate in the third-stage programme will live independently in the community but will continue to be involved with Yeldall Manor for 6-12 months and will benefit from:

  • peer support and accountability
  • work experience with our grounds maintenance service
  • skills training (including formal qualifications)
  • mentoring with someone in long-term recovery
  • monthly work placement supervision
  • weekly participation in recovery groups