Support Yeldall Manor this Christmas

Bauble & windows smallerWe warmly invite all friends and supporters to join residents and staff for our Christmas Celebration service on Friday 5th December. It begins at 7.30pm, and will include Christmas-themed worship and reflections followed by time to chat over coffee and mince-pies. If you could bake (or buy) some mince-pies (no alcohol in the mincemeat), they would be most welcome – please bring them along.

You can also support us by contributing to our residents’ “Christmas stockings”, which are filled with little gifts such as:
Toiletries: deodorant, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shaving gel
Confectionery: small bars of chocolate, bags of sweets etc. (but no liqueur chocs!)
Clothing: underpants, socks, scarves, hats, gloves
Other goods: pens, paper, games and any other stocking-fillers suitable for men.

If you would like to buy a gift for a resident, please wrap it and add a post-it note to let us know what is enclosed. We would appreciate these before Monday 15th December.

If it is easier for you to make a small financial donation, contributions are also welcome towards the cost of our Christmas tree and festive fare.

Thank you so much to everyone who helps to make Christmas special for our residents; for many of them it may be their first Christmas drug- and alcohol-free for many years.