Neil’s Story

neil story

I lost my mum, brother and sister in a short time period. As I started to drink heavily, I lost my marriage too. I continued to drink and cause pain until I obtained funding to come to Yeldall Manor in March 2010.

I completed just the first stage six-month programme, then lasted three months before I relapsed.

The beginning of 2011 is a blur. I stole, cheated and was mainly unconscious. I lost everything. I spent many a night in hospital, at my dad’s, living in garages and sheds until I contacted Yeldall again, but I could not get any more funding from my local authority.

I am so grateful that I was able to be funded by the Good Samaritan Bursary Fund. I owe my life to the people who have donated to it. That is not a flippant statement; it is fact that, without their commitment, I would be dead and my father burying another of his children. Thank you.

After completing both first and second stage programmes, Neil now has full-time employment, an improved relationship with his father and his sons, and is involved in a local church, through which he met his new wife, Jane.