Yeldall Manor: How to Apply

Applications to Yeldall Manor are processed by our Admissions Team.

The admission process involves:

  • the submission of an application form
  • a face-to-face or telephone interview
  • the provision of professional references
  • review of previous criminal convictions and other factors
  • confirmation of funding, which may be statutory, self-funded, through our Good Samaritan Fund, or a combination of sources

Ideally, applicants come to Yeldall Manor for a pre-arranged interview so that they have the opportunity to see the programme first-hand and to talk with current residents. During the interview process, prospective residents are assessed for their suitability for the Manor Programme, their level of motivation, and the level of risk they pose to themselves and others to ensure that Yeldall Manor is a safe place for both residents and staff. We also ask all applicants to confirm that they are comfortable being a part of a Christian-based programme.

When assessing suitability, we will consider the following:

  • Is the applicant a male, aged over 18?
  • Is there a serious problem of long-term drug and/or alcohol misuse?
  • Is the applicant able to participate in a work-based therapeutic programme?
  • Has there been any attempted suicide for six months prior to admission?
  • Has there been any self-harm for three months prior to admission?
  • What prescribed medication is the applicant taking, if any, and is it in accordance with our policy on Psychotropic Medication?
  • Is the applicant prepared to accept the Terms and Conditions of residence?

We will consider applications from men with certain diagnosed mental health issues or serious crimes such as arson or sexual offences on a case-by-case basis, as with all applications.

Please email us ( for more information, or complete and return an application form.


Yeldall Application Form – editable on-line version - PC/laptop only; not suitable for phone

Yeldall Application Form – printable version


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