Rehabilitation Programmes at Yeldall Manor

Yeldall Manor provides residential rehabilitation for men with drug and/or alcohol addictions.

Please take a look at our programmes below:

  • Detox

    We are not currently providing detox but hope to be able to offer opiate detoxification shortly – an holistic detox that not only helps residents overcome their physical dependency, but also helps them to recover mentally and emotionally.

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  • Phases 1 & 2: Grounding/Growth

    Phase 1 enables residents to stabilise physically, mentally and emotionally. Phase 2 empowers residents to advance in recovery skills and grow in physical health.

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  • Phase 3: Application

    Phase 3 equips residents to implement their newly acquired skills in a semiindependent living environment (The Lodge) which is still situated on the Yeldall estate.

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  • Phase 4:                      Re-Integration

    Phase 4 provides residents with a safe and supported environment away from the
    Yeldall estate. It is a necessary step from Phase 3 and prepares the resident for full
    independent living.

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