Detox at Yeldall Manor

We cannot currently offer detoxification on-site. Please contact us for more details.

Yeldall offers an holistic detox that not only helps residents overcome their physical dependency, but also helps them to recover mentally and emotionally.  Alongside the detox medication there is counselling, groups, work, activities and an opportunity to relax and build relationships with their peers. The detoxification programme runs in partnership with our local pharmacy and is monitored by two medical doctors. The detoxification programme runs seamlessly into Phase 1.

At a glance:

  • Detoxification and rehabilitation under one roof
  • Experience a supportive environment with the opportunity to build healthy relationships and begin to address issues whilst going through detoxification
  • Seamless continuation onto the Yeldall Manor Phase 1 rehabilitation programme upon completion of detoxification
  • Usual maximum length of drug detoxification programme is four weeks